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Originally trained as a painter at the academy of fine arts in Vienna, Regina Heinz discovered working with clay a few years ago as an expansion and enrichment of her previous work. She studied Ceramics in Vienna, Geneva and London, where she has been living since 1989.

Fascinated by the softness and malleability of wet clay, Regina has developed a special slab building technique to construct free standing sculptures and relief pieces for wall hanging. Slabs are rolled out and then "tailored": joined, pushed, folded, stretched and incised until the piece has taken on its final shape and expression, yet the material has retained its original softness and surface texture.

Painting and form cohabit in both, wall pieces and freestanding sculptures.

As images they have preserved the square shape of the canvas but are shaped into three-dimensional objects, intended to enclose space like a "skin". Colored glazes, slips and oxides are painted on in thin layers. They are designed to emphasize the underlying form and to accent the softness of wet clay. The quality of the clay surface adds a new and sensual dimension. The pieces become "tangible" pictures, aiming to unify colour and form.

Although the ideas come from landscapes, bird's eye views, topographical qualities of the surface of the earth, the pieces are abstract and evocative. The motifs are reduced and distilled, taking on meanings, associations, messages beyond literal representation.

They encourage to contemplate, to interpret, to scan memories and to be experienced not only intellectually but with all senses.

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